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The Sweets In A Jar Conundrum … Is LinkedIn The New Facebook?

9th May 2014

Once confined to the likes of fun-fairs and school fetes, ‘guess the number of sweets in the jar’ is having an unusual renaissance. When it first started appearing on LinkedIn feeds it was mildly amusing … the fifteenth time – significantly less so. ‘Guess a country without the letter A’, ‘Maths quizzes for geniuses’ and […]

Say It With A Tweet!

14th February 2014

It’s that time of year again; love is in the air, there’s roses everywhere and pink paper hearts swamp supermarket aisles. Whether you think it’s the most romantic day of the year or a commercial nightmare, you simply can’t escape it. Valentine’s Day the Digital way: Technological advances have changed the way we live and […]

Join Us For Talk Java!

22nd October 2013

The next Talk Java … Friday 6:30pm, 3rd floor space, Google campus, London!! — IT Talent (@ittalent) October 21, 2013 For more details and to register your interest, visit the meetup page.

iOS vs. Android

30th April 2013

Together, iOS and Android claim over 90% of the global Smartphone market. With such shared dominance, discussion over which is the stronger platform is still the subject of fierce debate within the tech community. Judging by the number of iPads and iPhones in the IT Talent offices, it’s easy to assign iOS as the clear […]

What Can You Do In 6 Seconds?

19th April 2013

It might be because we’re getting older, but everything seems to be getting smaller, shorter and smarter. Following the success of micro blogging site Twitter, and responsive to the shortening attention spans of 21st Century consumers, the latest trend to hit our (mobile) screens is Vine. Currently topping the free iPhone apps chart, the point […]

The Night We Talked Java

21st February 2013

The ability to satisfy our clients guarantees our success, but it is the ability to satisfy our candidates that characterises the integrity of our service. Last night we sponsored ‘Talk Java’, a networking and knowledge share event featuring presentations from two Java specialists as well as Q&A sessions with expert speakers, an open discussion forum […]

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