The shift in Recruitment Trends due to technology

The shift in Recruitment trends

14th February 2018

The shift in Recruitment trends   For a while, Recruiters have used to same traditional methods of sourcing talent. Filtering through CV’s and using networking sites, in particular, the online directory for professionals LinkedIn. New advanced technology along with a shift in attitudes and expectations has Recruiters looking for the perfectly trained candidate. Candidates are […]

Jobs for Graduates

Technology Jobs for Graduates

5th February 2018

Technology Jobs for Graduates   Studying IT at university can leave you with a broad variety of career options. Choosing the right path can be difficult, especially when you have not yet experienced working in the industry. Here are some IT jobs that would be suitable for technology Graduates. Web Designer As a Web Designer, […]

My Promotion at IT Talent

16th November 2017

I joined IT Talent in March this year, having had no previous recruitment experience. IT Talent specialise in recruitment for the IT, Digital and Technology sectors which was something that appealed to me as I am aware that this is a large and ever evolving sector.  I knew recruitment was going to be a fast-paced […]

Chatbots: A Passing Trend or New Way to Prototype?

17th January 2017

Chatbots have been around for a while, is 2017 the year they finally become a key part of Prototyping processes? Chances are you’ve encountered or heard about a Chatbot at some point. Whether it be Cleverbot, one of the first mainstream internet robots to reply to queries with relevant (if not sometimes nonsensical) replies, Bots that […]

robot jobs automation

AI, Automation and Jobs: The Future of the Job Industry

6th December 2016

With technology advancing exponentially, how long is it before AI starts to take over even the higher skilled jobs, and is it as much of a threat to employment as it’s made out to be? We’ve seen it coming for a long time, indeed, it has happened before. The last major boom in technological advancement […]

Cyber Hacking: The Computer Underground

19th May 2016

Welcome to the Computer Underground  Whether you’re a SME or global business, over the last few years, cyber security and hacking has become a huge topic in the security industry but what exactly is a ‘hacker?’ The Computer Underground Players  In the computer security dimension, a ‘hacker’ can be defined as someone who seeks to […]

Futuristic Recruitment

17th April 2015

None of us know with any real certainty exactly what the future holds. But an educated guess would be to state the inevitable; technology will continue to rapidly expand, therefore thrusting us in to a new and more challenging era of locating talent, and of great talent locating us! Of course, other trends will also […]

UnGoogle: The Right To Be Forgotten

23rd February 2015

If somebody asked you to describe yourself, would your answer depict the equivalent of what Google would have to say about you?   It’s always going to be a heated talking point when two major organisations come head to head; in this case, the European Court of Justice, Europe’s highest court, and the tech king that […]

“Go – Go – Gadget – Chips!”

18th February 2015

– An Analysis of Radio Frequency Identification.   “How cool would it be if you could gain access to areas and pay for things, all at the wave of a hand?” That’s exactly the cognitive process that a Swedish company has recently acted upon; Epicenter, a hi – tech office block, are trialling this approach […]

The Sweets In A Jar Conundrum … Is LinkedIn The New Facebook?

9th May 2014

Once confined to the likes of fun-fairs and school fetes, ‘guess the number of sweets in the jar’ is having an unusual renaissance. When it first started appearing on LinkedIn feeds it was mildly amusing … the fifteenth time – significantly less so. ‘Guess a country without the letter A’, ‘Maths quizzes for geniuses’ and […]

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