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Using Recruitment Agencies To Your Advantage

11th February 2015

We understand that job hunting can be strenuous, leaving you feeling like you’ve just thrown your CV into the abyss, waiting to get noticed. (Think Sheryl Crow, trying to churn out a comeback album.) This is why it is so important to make sure that you are visible to the relevant recruitment agencies. Are you […]

Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better – Recruitment Agencies

28th January 2015

A lot of Recruitment Companies pride themselves on the number of staff they have compiled into their various offices, as if that is correlative in regards to the company’s attainments. But size doesn’t always equate with the quality of the service provided (right lay – dees?); what can the smaller recruitment agencies offer that could […]

Respectful Recruitment; The Law Behind Recruitment (Part 2)

26th January 2015

Law: NOUN: the system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by social institutions and their imposition of penalties. Going the extra mile to operate with a persistent ethical work culture, as aforementioned in Part One, is only a voluntary aid […]

Further Fabulous Feedback for IT Talent

23rd January 2015

We already know that every placement is carried out with the utmost diligence, respect and quality, but it means an awful lot when this is reinstated by client/candidate testimonials. We ask that individuals fill out a feedback form after receiving our services, so that we can reflect on how we’re doing and negotiate whether improvements […]

A Day In The Life Of A Recruitment Consultant

19th January 2015

Interested about being a Trainee Recruitment Consultant, but want to know more of what the role consists of? We ask Idris, currently a Recruitment Consultant and Winner of ‘Most Improved’ at our December 2014 Awards, who has advanced through the process himself.   Hello, Idris! Good morning! Eurgh, this coffee is cold and weird. Excellent […]

Respectful Recruitment; The Ethics Behind Recruitment (Part 1)

16th January 2015

Ethics [eth-iks]: NOUN: moral principles that administer a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity. Our governing body, APSCO, has announced an innovative programme of new services for 2015, subsequently causing us to reflect upon the ethical framework we uphold with them; a connective framework in which sets us apart from many contending recruitment […]

Recruitment Myths

15th January 2015

Each industry has its stereotypes, whether they’re warranted or not, and Recruitment is not exempt from this. People have many misconceptions about what being a Recruitment Consultant in general actually involves. Luckily, we are here to put things straight. “Recruitment Agencies promise lots of commission but don’t deliver it. They just say that to get […]

IT Talent Team Building

12th January 2015

When you think of work teambuilding exercises, you immediately start deciding what sort of fatal ‘accident’ you’re going to have to avoid it. ‘Bring – an – object – that – describes – you – to – work – day’, singing along to a tambourine whilst handing hands in a circle, and a Health and […]

New Year, New You?

6th January 2015

With the New Year always comes a lease of life, coercing people into starting fresh and making some relevant life changes. Among us are those combatting copious amounts of mince pies, those promising ourselves to spend less on all of Satan’s little luxuries (primarily clothes, lavish nights out and even more food) and certainly those […]

Kitted Out For The Season

19th June 2014

Amidst the sporting hype of the summer, we’re pleased to announce IT Talent’s sponsorship of the latest rugby kits at local primary school, The Priory. As part of our varied CSR programme, we look as a business to support our local communities through a number of charitable initiatives throughout the year. Supporting The Priory School, […]

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