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You Like Cupcakes, Right? – Charity Drive

20th April 2016

  This month we came together to raise some money and awareness for the fantastic charity Breast Cancer Now. Breast Cancer Now is the UK’s largest breast cancer charity, created by the merger of Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Breast cancer is currently the most common form of cancer in the UK with […]

Off To The IVY – Staff Reward

12th April 2016

  At IT Talent, it’s important to celebrate the achievements of our staff with rewards and incentives that not only motivate but inspire. One of our biggest incentives include becoming part of the ITT Millionaires Club where all members are rewarded with an exclusive lunch. Last week, The ITT Talent Millionaires Club welcomed a new […]

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice: The Costs of Bad Recruitment

1st May 2015

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur. Why Use A Recruitment Agency? Hiring new employees will always inevitably carry an element of risk. Indeed, the people who carry and represent your business will always be the most critical aspect. It is imperative that organisations ensure that they’re getting […]

Employment Law Changes

23rd April 2015

 ARE YOU AWARE? This April, a number of changes have taken place, or are scheduled to take place, within Employment Law. In particular, there is a concentration on Parental Leave amendments. Make sure that you are up to date with our guide below.   From 5th April: Shared Parental Leave became available to parents or […]

Futuristic Recruitment

17th April 2015

None of us know with any real certainty exactly what the future holds. But an educated guess would be to state the inevitable; technology will continue to rapidly expand, therefore thrusting us in to a new and more challenging era of locating talent, and of great talent locating us! Of course, other trends will also […]

Newbies: A Month’s Reflection

9th April 2015

We asked our new starters, Josh, Yasmina and Bobby, to comment on their experience thus far as their first month milestone working for IT Talent nears. I thought ‘Python’ only existed in the wild!   How would you describe your experience at ITT so far? J: I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve met some great, inspirational […]

A Gender Agenda – Championing Diversity at Work

11th March 2015

Following International Womens Day this last Sunday, whereby people all over the globe took to celebrating strong, driven and earnest women, we have been reflecting on the current status of gender diversity at work but more specifically within Recruitment and the industry in which we operate; IT. Gender equality is achieved when people are able to […]

UnGoogle: The Right To Be Forgotten

23rd February 2015

If somebody asked you to describe yourself, would your answer depict the equivalent of what Google would have to say about you?   It’s always going to be a heated talking point when two major organisations come head to head; in this case, the European Court of Justice, Europe’s highest court, and the tech king that […]

“Go – Go – Gadget – Chips!”

18th February 2015

– An Analysis of Radio Frequency Identification.   “How cool would it be if you could gain access to areas and pay for things, all at the wave of a hand?” That’s exactly the cognitive process that a Swedish company has recently acted upon; Epicenter, a hi – tech office block, are trialling this approach […]

This Valentines… Make a Date with our Career Cupids

13th February 2015

… fall in love with your job! Make a date with one of our Career Cupids! (ie. our selected Development – Team Consultants.)   He’s resourceful, he’s a great listener and he cooks a mean steak … Could Idris be your Recruitment Valentine? Discuss your prospective future together by emailing him on   Brian, former member […]

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